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The Diabolical by S.J Kincaid

One day I got a curious email from Simon & Schuster saying something about a reading study (maybe not quite in those exacting terms), and of course, I was like, “where do I sign up?”. The study is actually conducted by Jellybooks. So what happens is that they give you a choice of books, you pick one, and then they give it to you, and study your reading pattern through software in the book.

So, out of all the choices I was given, I chose “The Diabolic” by S.J Kincaid. The description just spoke to me better than the rest, and I was like, “Okay, it seems to be the best of the lot, let’s see”. At first, I didn’t really even want to read it, I was so sick of dystopian novels thinking that they can do something different by being extreme. Not that I don’t still love them. This book is quite the gem.

When I first started it, I expected to drop it in a few chapters, but even though, of course I got busy, I kept going back to it, reading it in the car, and pretty much everywhere. It was good from beginning to end. It was nothing I expected (except for the romance part), and the best part was that it didn’t end in a cliff hanger. There’s possibility for a sequel, but why bother? Unless it’s a spinoff for Neveni (*wink *wink).

This story is set in a space, in a world where the emperor has used false religion to divide the “kingdom”, and diminished the treasury for his own gluttonous needs. And then there’s Tyrus, successor primus and royal dominatrian heir.

And then there’s Nemesis Impyrean, diabolic to Sidonia Impyrean. What this means is that she’d die for Sidonia if needed, and so when the power-hungry emperor calls Sidonia to his pAlsace for crimes of heresy that her father committed, Nemesis goes in her place.

What she doesn’t expect is to become more than she thought she was.

I would definitely give this book a five ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ review, and recommend it to all my friends.  And now, I have to go find more S.J Kincaid books, because they’re said to be pretty much award-winning.

An image of the book cover

A review of “Spies like me” by Doug Solter

This story features a group of girls, code name “The Gems”. They totally remind me of this show I used to watch “Totally spies”. Doug wrote that he wanted to write the type of story that hasn’t really been a focus of young adult, and one of the reasons that I loved totally spies was because it focused on sisterhood and on girls empowering themselves. Doug has a history of writing empowering books and this does not disappoint. This would most definitely be empowering to young girls out there.

The focal point of this story is Emma . She is reeling from the loss of her father, and what she thinks was his murder, and then she gets a chance to do something about it. “Black Opal, meet Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby”. Emma has to find a way to navigate this new relationship and at the same time stop an evil super villain group form destroying the world. High school has never been so interesting, especially when you’re not there as often as you ought to be, and when you’re halfway across the globe. Oh, and throw in a dreamy boy.

I’ll give this story a four out of five stars, and would recommend this for young girls, although everyone will have something to learn from it.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.