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Put Me Back Together – Lola Rooney

Put me back together by Lola Rooney is a must read. I’ll give it a three out of five. Could have gotten more except for a few mysteries that will forever remain uncertain to me. It was the story of a person hunted by ghosts from the past. In a different world, most of us start living lies when we are older and have seen much of the world. We twist our mistakes and lies into the truth and live with the consequences. Katie Archer, the protagonist of the novel has been living a lie since she was a child. She did something innocent and stupid that became the greatest regret of her life and destroyed a lot of people’s lives. This mistake twisted her psyche until she became withdrawn and a shadow of her former self. People saw her in a light she believed should not shine upon her. In her attempt to escape this life, she chooses a college 3,000 miles away from the truth and attempts to hide sho she had become. Enter Lucas Matthews, hottie bad boy with a mystery of his own. Ummmmm getting interesting uh? As you might have guessed, they connect. He sees her and she sees him, for the most part.
Her lies starts to pierce her happiness with Lucas. How could it not? She believes he doesn’t know her truth. She’s let the past define her for so long that to her, it’s her weakest point and the thing that could destroy her. She could be right, especially when old foes come a’knocking…

You’d Better Watch Yourself, Katie Kat

You’ll Never Get Away With It

I’m Coming For You   ——

Things I would have loved to see change

1. I would love for her to clear up the mystery completely. I’m way calmer now than when i read it. I felt that she left our heroine in danger although i have my suspicions that maybe she’ll be just fine. But please! girl has got to clear that up! For realsies! shoooeeeyy

2. The mystery event that went on  in this novel should have been better related as to the consequences and weight of it. What happened destroyed people’s lives and future. I guess i should say, I’d have loved to a more in-depth handling of  the repercussions of the event and Katie’s part in it. I don’t want to reveal too much, but although what happened happened innocently-ish, I needed to see more legality towards the end. I think you’ll agree with me if you read the book.

3. I would have loved to see more of the process of guilt and responsible processes rather than  the outcome. How did Kate become the Kate we know. Truly? Something horrible happened in the book and I would have loved to see more of the in-between rather than the beginning, end and middle.

So there are my three stars. I am recommending it because, it is quite frankly interesting and does have potential. It could definitely be five out of five if it fulfills the three changes I listed above.