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#Killing Time

“But at my back I always hear/ Time’s winged chariot hurrying near;/ And yonder all before us lie/ Deserts of vast eternity.” – Andrew Marvell [To his Coy Mistress]

              Time is a very awesome and scary phenomenon. In the morning when you’re late for work or in a hurry time seems to speed even faster. Tasks that feel like a two minute tasks becomes in actuality five minutes. Time becomes infinitely more precious. Its acquisition becomes paramount and it’s guarded like gold. Things are done faster with heads going over the shoulders looking to see time’s winged chariot hurrying near. In the times when there is no need to acquire times or hurry, people laze about uncaring if time is hurrying near. Time is a precious commodity. In this world, we only have a few years as the Lord (subhana wa’atala) wills.  {My friend just said to someone on the phone “The world could come to an end anytime soon, we never know when} {I looked at her askance and said to her “You talking to me or naw?} {No she wasn’t talking to me. Coinkidink}.

Anyway, on that vein, Time is very short for everyone. We can cheat time by altering our bodies and keeping our minds young but death will eventually knock on the door. Finding good, spiritual and awesome things to do while time is still present for us is very important. Personally, I try to live life for the hereafter as well as the  now. It’s a balance that I thread carefully. Killing time is a worthy endeavour and a lot of thought should go into how you do it.  One of the things you should never feel when you look back at your life is regret.

On that note, one again, spend your allotted time wisely and in care of the afterlife.