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Third Degree by Julie Cross

I really really liked this book. Third Degree is pretty awesome. Personally, Julie Cross always gives me just what I need whenever I read her books. It was nice to read something a little light hearted than the previous book I read. Child prodigy, Isabel Jenkins goes back to college in a move that is slightly reminiscent of Doogie Howser, M.D., the kid doctor. Isabel has two degrees already and several other merits and qualifications under her belt and is ready to be a full-time doctor. Or so she thinks. WHAM! She fails the Emotional readiness test! Shocking! Suddenly, her future is left wide open. Isabel is much like Bones from the Bones show in the manner she interacts with the world. sort of. She’s full of medical terms that sound like Jargon to most ears. She has no sense of privacy, hello Doctor! and her idea of fun is sitting in at a heart surgery or better yet performing one. So here goes, our little girl into the quasi real world; College. Haha. Much fun, no?

As a child prodigy, Isabel has been waited on hand and foot. Her opinions have been put on a pedestal and her quirks? well those are welcome.   In the hospital.     Not in School. Woopsies! Well nobody gave Isabel that memo. Isabel is sheltered, no lie. She didn’t grow up learning things that we as human learn, such as how to relate to people through trial and error. She’s misunderstood because her methods of doing things are not the same as others. As someone who’s a little bit like her, I really connected to her. I never connected with the world when I was little and I had a lot of issues in trying to be normal.  Enters assistance in the form of a very hot RA; Marshall. Now Isabel my dear is not new to coitus buuut she’s new to relationships. Isabel herself is adopted and her only manner of knowing her place in life is through her parents’ marriage. Now, her parents are getting a divorce. Her stability becomes threatened. Poor Isabel has to figure out her place in the scheme of life and how to be strong on her own. Tough. Marshall agrees to tutor her about life if she tutors him in Anatomy.

Take a look
Izzy’s Educational To-do List (#2-3)

2. Literature: read at least five novels that are popular with female teenagers and have zero educational value (Renee recommends Twilight series books, Tracy says anything but Twilight; Marshall has never been a female teenager).
3. Chemistry: experiment with alcohol and/or other substances with similar purpose (Marshall did not seek out input from his sisters on this subject because he refuses to acknowledge that, at thirteen and sixteen, his sisters may know something about illegal substance use).

I’ll definitely give this a 5 star. If you’re looking for something with humor, some good life lessons and family, this is the book for you!