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Reckless by Priscilla West

Just finished reading this beaut. I heard there was going to be a major cliffhanger,  but for me the end didn’t make me feel like I needed book two NOW. So, for those who can’t stand cliffhangers,  this cliff is not that steep. The book was great. The twist close to the end changed how I felt about the book, in a good way.
I had initially thought the book was the same as all the rockstar-esque books I’ve read my entire life. Don’t get me wrong, I love those books. This was no different.  I loved the exhilarating action that I got from hearing Jax sing and seeing Riley fall in love with him but until the twist, Jax and Riley were just another set of lovers with their own set of problems.  *Jax and Riley are the protagonists*
Near the end, with the so called twist as I’ve taken to calling it, Priscilla West gives us something to hate about Jax.  That changed everything for me (Although,  I do think the wounded soul thing has been overplayed a bit, but this is life, we are all wounded in some way or the other). West gives Jax more depth thankfully.  She gave him something more, although without it the book would have still been a delight, but this twist led us to the cliffhanger. 
(See what I did there_ Hint: Cliffhanger)

I think this book is worth a read, I’d give it 4 stars. It was what I was expecting,  but it also wasn’t. 

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.