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Review: Sabin, by A.M Hargrove

Sabin, leader of the Seven, is on the search for a doomsday weapon that could end the world in the wrong hands. Sweet Serena’s love of diving is going to thrust her into Sabin’s world, when she finds a pendant that intrigues her. I loved their relationship. Their dynamic was sweet and definitely met up with the expected standards. You know, loner meets his Achilles heel…  you know, the best kinds ~ ~

It was a good novel, but I felt it needed a bit more attention in certain places. The storyline while forecast-able was told in a manner that made it interesting. However, I would have loved to see more about the brotherhood of the Seven. Is there sub-genre we love more than the Brotherhood type? Serena and Edge are supposed to be BFFs later, but their interaction until their closeness was thrust upon us wasn’t quite shown. Sure, they had a few encounters, but definitely not the kind that I believe would have led to the kind of friendship that was later indicated. Still, I love  me some edge though.

I like all the characters in this book, but I would have loved to see some more interaction between the seven, but I guess that’s what book 2s are for. I am definitely in for that, but I hope I get to see more family moments.

Overall, this was a good book and I’ll like to see more of the characters. 4 stars!!!!

*I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for a(n) honest review.