Vintage, A novel by Lisa Suzanne

I love rockstar novels and this was no exception. Vintage is a mystery, thriller love story, and is the first of the bunch. No fears though, the cliff didn’t make me wanna hang myself. I seriously hate cliff hangers when I don’t have the second book right away, but this was all good.

Vintage is the story of Roxanna Cecilia “Jimi”, Daughter of Gideon Price, Lead singer of Black Shadow AND up-and-coming rockstar (not lead, but definitely our leading man) Parker James, Guitarist, Back-up Vocalist and Songwriter of Flashing Light.  Jimi has been through the wringer when it comes to love and is gun shy of musicians who might want to use her for a connection to her father and mysterious Parker is the man who finally makes her bleed and feel. The connection between them is instantaneous, but can she trust him?

Jimi is a girl after my own heart. I love her vulnerability and her fears about love and I love the couple together. At first, I was apprehensive. There are so many secrets, and even after this first volume, there is so much we need to know.

And then there’s Jimi’s relationship with her dad which I adore. We all know those relationships or we are in them. They have a special bond, but he’s been keeping secrets from her. What’s going on and why must she go on tour with him so he can “protect” her?

This book is full of a maelstrom of feelings, mysteries and love. Throughout the novel, you’re constantly guessing at what is going on and I love that about a book. I will definitely recommend this to a friend and give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

*I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for a(n) honest review.








Three, A novel by Eli Carter (E.S Carter)

I got Three from Netgalley in return for a(n) honest review, so a(n) honest review you shall get. When I read the synopsis for Three,  I knew I had to read it, and I was not disappointed. I’ll definitely be giving this one a five star rating.

The story started out intriguing enough but then lulled a bit after that. My bad tho, I was expecting action all through. However, apart from that tiny lull, it was action all through. ACTION. I loved this novel.

This is a story of love and sacrifice. Liam and Cari(ad) had a love that was it for them, but circumstances got in the way. Mostly a very loving and beautiful circumstance. I don’t want to go too much into the story, but anyone who reads this story will find something to love about it.

Furthermore, the story was real, the characters were real. Most of the time, these stories do things that we see as normal for a story, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the characters doing things that I would have done. I just loved the normal news of it too.

E. Carter doesn’t just write for love, she writes for awareness too. This story could have been some much more simpler but she added a dimension that showcased what love means as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and was pleasantly surprised by its beauty. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Top notch!

Knowledge becomes her

First impressions
A thing of beauty or indifference
A first look merges parts, a masque created
A voice transforms words into knowledge
The first imitation becomes a parody
Knowledge fills the space inbetween
Knowledge becomes her
Knowledge becomes beauty
A face no longer an echo, a jigsaw of malleable parts
A face filled with consciousness
Awareness breeds recognition
Knowledge erases beauty or indifference
Knowledge becomes him
Knowledge becomes beauty


Like numbers, when we start,  we’re meant to stand alone, 1
As we grow, becoming larger and larger, we’re supposed to be joined by another,
Two by two we stand, 11
Until we’re joined by another,
Fruits of our union,
As we grow together,
We grow larger,
Three by three, 111
And then four by four, 1,111
Then the comma starts coming in,
The hardships of life,
First they threaten to make us feel alone, 1 (, )111
One against three,
Then we grow larger and larger,
Fruits of other unions, 11,111
We’re joined by another, and then another
Till we are never alone again.


What writing is like for me

It’s like I’m feeling my way through the darkness
to the heart
my blind gaze searching with my ghostly arms
feeling the way ahead for me
and then I encounter it,
The heart,
and my ghostly arms go through it
taking away some of it
opening it, and the feelings pour through,
The magic, and then I write
rote becoming something else,  something frantic and magical
the words coming faster than I can write them,
and some other times, my ghostly arms,
they encounter the heart so hard and so fast that they are solid for a second,
they pull it with them for a second
Leaving my elastic heart to snap back in place.
I feel it.
The hurt, the pain, waves of critical malady bleeding through,
reaching out and embedding themselves in my words
I’m coming through in a torrent that is beyond magic
A torrent that is wholly me, all me,
so much so that I want to hide it,
put it all back
and sew the valve shut.
Those are the best words
Maybe the worst parts of me
The ones I write and shut away.

Her Hope is Beautiful

Do you know where it is?
Somewhere in the past
A distant time where my happiness once lay
My chest is empty now
The world has faded behind the wall
Every feeling has disappeared
Left with me searching till there’s no where left to look
Do you know if it’s in the keeping of another?
Or if my fear doth hold it hostage?
The tears fall but I can’t decipher them
There’s nothing left to tell me why
The spirit lacks
And everything is miles apart
The body feels but division reigns
As it seeks to remember where the heart once lain

I’m fighting so hard
Banging on the doors
Fresh tears fall landing with a thud
The walls are so thick
No human ears ever hear
I’m fighting a silent war
Clawing my way through the plastic walls
If what was once lost was found
The only vindication in sight
Death comes so near
The clear victor in the near end
A hero isn’t sought
But one would be welcome here
The doors are open shut
To love me back to life

《Inspired by Colleen Hoover’s ‘Ugly Love’》

Beneath Beautiful by Allison Rushby

Beautiful, just beautiful. The story was amazing to read. It feels a bit trite to call it amazing, but it was. A story about a girl who blossoms from a caterpillar to a butterfly, the metamorphosis was beautiful to watch. It started with a chance meeting at a cemetery. A controversial artist (Cameron Callahan) who saw his muse in Cassandra Tavington (call me cassie). Cassie is unsure of her place in the world even though, as it seems, she has everything. She captures Cameron’s attention because he sees something in her that is worthy of change and growth,I think. She becomes his muse, and he inspires her. Not a love story per se, but a story of growth and realization.
I loved that the love of another was a secondary exercise , it’s the love of one’s self that was central to the plot.  As Rushby wrote (something like this), “the only thing worse than being different, is not being yourself”. A wise lady. The story was about being yourself , because not being yourself can kill your spirit. Sorta like being a  caterpillar leaves you defensive and always seeking your cocoon, your comfortable space, and never having the strength to fly out and see the world.
I loved this story. Definitely a five star,and I gather it’s free for a while on Amazon.

Amazon – Beneath Beautiful

If you don’t find it free anymore, please buy it. It’s beautiful.

3 hours a week

We share

We live intolerant

We laugh

We misjudge

We deem it life

We dismiss

We categorize

We are reborn

We challenge

We despair

We counsel care

We tolerate

We subjugate

We are feral

We violate

We invigorate

We fall apart

We depart

3 hours a week, we depart, we violate, we tolerate, we challenge, we dismiss, we laugh, we subjugate, we despair, we categorize, we misjudge, we share, we fall apart, we are feral, we counsel care, we are reborn, we deem it life, we live intolerant,  we share.

A class of 15

The Prince: The Young Royals 1 by S.A Gordon (Review)

Hi Y’all. It’s been a little while. I recently requested “The Prince: The Young Royals 1” from Net galley in order to review it. I was duly approved for a free copy in order to facilitate the process. I must say that I enjoyed the book. I really liked it. It was like getting an insight into some of the things Kate Middleton faced while dating Prince Williams.

The most interesting part for me was the dynamic of the relationship between Prince David (the second born son and spare) and Caitlin. For all intents and proposes, they have an unequal relationship. Except that Caitlin is American (You know what that means, no monarchy). One of the real live royals the author was inspired by was the Swedish Royals. For all those who aren’t aware, like me before I read the book, Sweden has a crown princess. In this book, the United Kingdom has a crown princess. That is, the future monarch would be the first-born child, who just happens to be female. S. A Gordon went into a little bit of what Alix (Alexandra, The crown princess) was going through. I am uncertain if any of this matches reality, it seemed to. And that ladies and gentlemen, was one of the things I liked about the book, the pseudo-realistic aspect.

I would have liked to see more angst from Caitlin. She had some issues, and being in the limelight should have further emphasized those issues. Unfortunately, we only saw a little bit of angst. I would have loved to see the paparazzi tear her up [a bit wicked of me, but that’s all part of the fun of books (not reality, books)] and then see her rise above it all, but alas. There just wasn’t enough of that. She is too damn sweet and understanding. I would have loved to see her and David fight a lot more than they did but I understand why they didn’t. Caitlin just wasn’t secure enough to do that (clears throat: unequal relationshipppppp).

Overall, it was a lovely read. I’m excited for Alix’s story but I suppose Rita (Magarita, the spare spare, the other princess) might have to go first in something in her life. Born last, didn’t get to know her mother well, and her father was always the king… A girl needs something… Sign me up for Rita and Alix’s story (see, I put Magarita first). Maybe this is all she deserves for now (After all, she has a [secret] boyfriend, more than Alix has, now). Give me Ailx’s story first! Please?

Black Widow by Jennifer Estep

Gin Blanco is the Spider. An assassin with stone and ice elemental powers, she’s been a myth and then a legend around Ashland. She has a loyal group of family and friends she’ll do anything to protect. For a long time, revenge drove her to help people in a bid to hunt down her nemesis. We saw her lose and win and now she’s in the biggest fight of her life. Mab Munroe is gone but a new power is here in Ashland. Gin will have to risk everything to protect those she loves.

Daaaaannnng son! Poison Promise was good but Black Widow was amazing! If you think, Gin Blanco’s story is finished, you couldn’t be more wrong! I had always assumed that Book 12 would be the last, but the story is truly just beginning, with the potential for more (not to give any spoilers). We’ve seen Gin Blanco do some things but this book will truly take the cake. I had mistakenly assumed that the story was lagging, but I don’t know how Estep pulled this one from the hat. We thought Mab Munroe was dangerous, well M.M Munroe is a whole new breed. I was oohing, and aahing and shouting and  stomping! What the heck? Some people might think the story is the same old schtick but that is not so. Of course there’s a villain and then there’s Gin but, things are hardly the same. This one is even more jaction packed and bound to sweep you off your feet. I don’t want to give any specifics, but anyone who read Poison Promise saw an intro into how things will be, but there’s no part of this book I did not enjoy, plus that surprise at the end? I want a spinoff! It might be my favorite out of the whole series. It’s a must read!