Breath of fire by Amanda Bouchet

In reading this novel, I challenged both myself and the author. I did not read book 1 of the Kingmaker chronicles; Promise of Fire, I only read book 2. I was perusing netgalley when I across the book, both the cover and description enticed me. I was most certainly not disappointed. I give this book a 5 star rating.

First, I loved how the story continued, and I love that I didn’t really have to scramble to figure out what was going on in the book. Sure, I didn’t read book 1 (I sure will now!), but I merrily went on the trip, and I was delighted. It was what I expected and more.

Catalisa Fisa aka Cat is Beta Fisa, heir to the throne of Fisa, when her mother dies. Problem is, her mother doesn’t want to die, and she is as far from benevolent as you can get, even to her children. gods are involved, Hades, Zeus, Athen, Poseidon, actively, there are oracles, tattooed snakes that come to life, undead wolves, and magick! It was a swashbuckling adventure! Mythological tales are woven to create this wonderful world of ice and thrones!

There was the continued romance between Cat and Griffin, Alpha (in spirit and name) Sinta (Read book 1! Or 2, you’ll get it), brotherhood, and wonderful suprises along the way! I would definitely recommend this to all of you, especially those who love tales that go in the archetypal David and goliath form, feminine heroes (I call the Female vanguards), and revolutions.


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