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Beneath Beautiful by Allison Rushby

Beautiful, just beautiful. The story was amazing to read. It feels a bit trite to call it amazing, but it was. A story about a girl who blossoms from a caterpillar to a butterfly, the metamorphosis was beautiful to watch. It started with a chance meeting at a cemetery. A controversial artist (Cameron Callahan) who saw his muse in Cassandra Tavington (call me cassie). Cassie is unsure of her place in the world even though, as it seems, she has everything. She captures Cameron’s attention because he sees something in her that is worthy of change and growth,I think. She becomes his muse, and he inspires her. Not a love story per se, but a story of growth and realization.
I loved that the love of another was a secondary exercise , it’s the love of one’s self that was central to the plot.  As Rushby wrote (something like this), “the only thing worse than being different, is not being yourself”. A wise lady. The story was about being yourself , because not being yourself can kill your spirit. Sorta like being a  caterpillar leaves you defensive and always seeking your cocoon, your comfortable space, and never having the strength to fly out and see the world.
I loved this story. Definitely a five star,and I gather it’s free for a while on Amazon.

Amazon – Beneath Beautiful

If you don’t find it free anymore, please buy it. It’s beautiful.