Black Widow by Jennifer Estep

Gin Blanco is the Spider. An assassin with stone and ice elemental powers, she’s been a myth and then a legend around Ashland. She has a loyal group of family and friends she’ll do anything to protect. For a long time, revenge drove her to help people in a bid to hunt down her nemesis. We saw her lose and win and now she’s in the biggest fight of her life. Mab Munroe is gone but a new power is here in Ashland. Gin will have to risk everything to protect those she loves.

Daaaaannnng son! Poison Promise was good but Black Widow was amazing! If you think, Gin Blanco’s story is finished, you couldn’t be more wrong! I had always assumed that Book 12 would be the last, but the story is truly just beginning, with the potential for more (not to give any spoilers). We’ve seen Gin Blanco do some things but this book will truly take the cake. I had mistakenly assumed that the story was lagging, but I don’t know how Estep pulled this one from the hat. We thought Mab Munroe was dangerous, well M.M Munroe is a whole new breed. I was oohing, and aahing and shouting and  stomping! What the heck? Some people might think the story is the same old schtick but that is not so. Of course there’s a villain and then there’s Gin but, things are hardly the same. This one is even more jaction packed and bound to sweep you off your feet. I don’t want to give any specifics, but anyone who read Poison Promise saw an intro into how things will be, but there’s no part of this book I did not enjoy, plus that surprise at the end? I want a spinoff! It might be my favorite out of the whole series. It’s a must read!


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