Happy & Sad – Etymological Poem

Happy & Sad

Sentiments that grab the old, young and free

The big joy, the little joy, the life changing joy


Diversity, evolution, the word has come to mean

Contentment, satisfaction, a feeling abandoned by most

Instant gratification, one embraced by almost all

Grown from whorls of wealth and riches

Budded into silliness

Blithe, wise it grew still,

Till it flowered into joy and satisfaction

“lucky, favored by fortune, prosperous”

It withered into sadness

A weed that smothers the happy

Before 1000s its weight was quite equal

To be sated, sufficient enough, full

Happiness and fulfillment

Old changed to the faded new

Satisfaction to unsatisfied

1690s, 1899, 1920s

It gathered with it inferiority and sad sacked-ness

Till it transformed into sorrow, inadequacy, undesirability

Obsolete is the valiant sound of the sated,

the satisfied and the sufficient, grief reigns.

Happiness I must say should be satisfaction.

2 thoughts on “Happy & Sad – Etymological Poem

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