Shadow on the other end

The Shadow on the other end (Ekphrastic Poem)

I am lonely

The backdrop to a beautiful stand

The colorless soul of a green rocky land

I am hardly seen except when the lighting hits just right

I am the shorter brother

The one that stretches so long,

I’m short in comparison

I am white-washed by the blank wall

The only way on is up

So short I am

Indiscernible unless with a keen eye


I am the ugly brother

The one no one ever sees unless in hindsight

My taller, older, dignified brother

The object of all the affection

I am the starved colorless other,

The chameleon of other beauty

of the wall that I inhabit.

Presently it’s white

A blank canvas never to be adored

Or filled with affection

But then I must be happy.


I am in the light

A participant in the great display

Contentment must be my due

Resentment must never be my way

I am the ever present brother

The other that never abandons

Except when the light and affection wither

I am the Shadow on the other end.


A Monolith
The Shadow on the other end



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