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Happy & Sad – Etymological Poem

Happy & Sad

Sentiments that grab the old, young and free

The big joy, the little joy, the life changing joy


Diversity, evolution, the word has come to mean

Contentment, satisfaction, a feeling abandoned by most

Instant gratification, one embraced by almost all

Grown from whorls of wealth and riches

Budded into silliness

Blithe, wise it grew still,

Till it flowered into joy and satisfaction

“lucky, favored by fortune, prosperous”

It withered into sadness

A weed that smothers the happy

Before 1000s its weight was quite equal

To be sated, sufficient enough, full

Happiness and fulfillment

Old changed to the faded new

Satisfaction to unsatisfied

1690s, 1899, 1920s

It gathered with it inferiority and sad sacked-ness

Till it transformed into sorrow, inadequacy, undesirability

Obsolete is the valiant sound of the sated,

the satisfied and the sufficient, grief reigns.

Happiness I must say should be satisfaction.

Correspondence Poem – To Andrew Marvell from His Coy Mistress

To Andrew Marvell from His Coy Mistress


Mistress though I may be titled,

Mistress I am not

While my youthful hue sits on my skin

My long preserved virginity will be my gift.

Your sweet words will not hinder nor sway me

Of all my charming suitors, my choice was but you

So let time’s winged warrior hurry near,

Yonder all before us lie

Deserts of vast eternity.


Think me foolish but I must be foolish

If I must know that where beauty shall no longer be found,

Your sweetness shall yet remain.

If you could wait until my last embrace

My soul will think you even sweeter

Alas, a fickle man you are, so I must say,

Wait till the lord blesses our embrace.




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Shadow on the other end

The Shadow on the other end (Ekphrastic Poem)

I am lonely

The backdrop to a beautiful stand

The colorless soul of a green rocky land

I am hardly seen except when the lighting hits just right

I am the shorter brother

The one that stretches so long,

I’m short in comparison

I am white-washed by the blank wall

The only way on is up

So short I am

Indiscernible unless with a keen eye


I am the ugly brother

The one no one ever sees unless in hindsight

My taller, older, dignified brother

The object of all the affection

I am the starved colorless other,

The chameleon of other beauty

of the wall that I inhabit.

Presently it’s white

A blank canvas never to be adored

Or filled with affection

But then I must be happy.


I am in the light

A participant in the great display

Contentment must be my due

Resentment must never be my way

I am the ever present brother

The other that never abandons

Except when the light and affection wither

I am the Shadow on the other end.


A Monolith
The Shadow on the other end