Sheila stood in the living room and looked around her three bedroom house in satisfaction. Her life was coming along nicely. She felt grateful and sighed in happiness. She then decided to take a nap in their room before Jean got back from work, so she could be well rested when they ate dinner together. He had been working late often nowadays and this was going to be the first time they had had dinner together in weeks. She had prepared the food specially, Pot au feu as the main dish and crème brûlée as a dessert. She walked to their bedroom and just dropped on the bed. She was tired from going to work and then cooking all afternoon. She immediately fell asleep.

She awoke suddenly. She heard the garage door opening. Her husband was home! Even after four years of marriage, it still surprised her whenever she was excited at her husband’s return from work. She picked out a sexy number, threw off her blouse and shorts,and dropped them into the hamper and just as she was moving her head, her eyes caught a red stain on the collar of a shirt. She quickly realized it was her husband’s and was alarmed.
“Did he have an injury?”

She touched the stain. It was lipstick. Her heart thudded erratically as she comprehended and denied the ramifications of her discovery. Could her husband be cheating on her?
“No!” She said sharply.

“He couldn’t be!

“Mon ange, I’m home” She heard Jean call. She rubbed her temples. She used to love when he called her that, and now with just one lipstick stain, she hated it. Could he really be cheating on her? What if he called “her” that? She could hear Jean climbing up the stairs. She just had to know if he was really cheating on her. She couldn’t bear it if he was cheating on her. She searched her mind, scrolling through the pictures of the females in his office. Could it be Angela? Or was it Tina? No. Tina was married. She could hear him coming up the stairs. She quickly dropped the shirt back in the hamper and pasted a smile on her face. “Darling, I missed you!” she said, and it was true, at least before she had seen the lipstick, she searched his face for any hint of his betrayal and could find none. She heard him in the distance saying he was tired but could smell his favorite dishes and so was going to stay up.

“Yes, I cooked your favorite dishes; Pot au feu and crème brûlée” Her mind was racing widely, should she show him the shirt? Or should she just ask? She felt him kiss her and responded, he was still her husband after all and she still loved him, cheating slytherin or not. She smiled absentmindedly as she recalled the expression from Harry Potter. Slytherin was the house of Voldemort. Her mom had taught her to replace bad words with slightly better ones.

“Mon Chaton, I’ll go take a shower, I can’t wait to eat you food” he said.
“You’re gonna love it” you cheating slytherin

He kissed her cheeks then started undressing. “Honey, I’m gonna go serve the dishes, hurry up”. She waited for him to go into the bathroom and then took the shirt. She hurried downstairs and started to serve the dishes and covered them with the platter cover. She heard him coming down the stairs after a few minutes and went to meet him at the bottom of the stairs. “Oooh, I did not see that delicious number you’re wearing when I came upstairs”
She smiled up at him and said sweetly “Really, what could you have been thinking of?” Angela, maybe?

She pushed him along to the table and pulled out his chair, “Ahh, ma belle knows how to welcome her man, non? She put her arm on his chair and used the other to remove the platter cover. She saw him open his mouth in surprise.

“What is this” he asked?

“Your shirt.

Do-do you see what I see? Do-do you see the lipstick?” She put her hands over her mouth “and before you say anything, think care- Don’t touch me! – Did you touch her?” She was going to have to break the news to mama and papa, they thought she had finally settled and was happily married, they were going to be heartbroken. They adored Jean.

“Ma Cherie, it is not what you think.” Jean said
“What I think? What else could it be?” She sniffed. Tears had started to fall from her eyes.
“Mom Amor, it was Shelly from work. She tried to kiss me and I pushed her away. She no longer works for me. I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d worry, I was going to tell you when her termination was final; tomorrow. You’re the one that I love” He pulled her closer while she sobbed gently “I would never cheat on you, I know how you feel about cheating” He pushed her away gently “I thought you trusted me, I thought you were over your trust issues”
“I’m sorry, I just saw the shirt and freaked out and I couldn’t even think and you were already home, I didn’t know what to do. Forgive me?” She sniffed
“You know I’ll forgive you for anything, but we still have to talk about this tomorrow, dry your tears, huh, mon petit cherie, I’ll serve the real food. You did cook it right?” He laughed.
“Yes, you horrible man” she replied. Tomorrow.


“Baby?” Sheila stretched, straightened her back and pushing aside the pillow she had been holding against her tummy. She sat up and felt around the bed for her husband. Sometime during the night she must have rolled over to Jean’s side of the bed because she found herself completely at the right side of the bed. She smiled. She must have been missing her husband when he got up and had cuddled with the pillow. Whenever Jean was out of town, she just slept on his side so she could smell his pillow and pretend he was home.

“Baby, where are you?” She got up and placed each foot gingerly in front of each other hoping to surprise Jean, even though she knew he’d have heard her voice.
“Heeeeek! How the heck did you sneak up on me?” She laughed when he scooped her up from behind. “Put me down, you big oaf!” They both knew she was pleased that he had carried her off. Ever since the ‘incident’ ,as she had termed it in her head, occurred, he had been so amorous. She thought he was doing it because he wanted to assure her of his trust and love. He had even stopped staying late at the office. She was glad to have her husband back, but not quite as glad about the ‘incident’ being the catalyst for their coming together. She hadn’t mentioned the ‘incident’ since then because she hadn’t wanted to spoil their new found contentment. She knew she was going to have to bring it up soon, but she still wanted a few more days of bliss; of days when he came home at 6pm and they talked in the kitchen while she prepared dinner. He often regaled her with tales of his office drama. She now knew that Ashley, the office copy girl was dating Mike the mailman and that Betsy from the HR department was getting a divorce. Her smile dimmed a little. She didn’t want to find out that her husband was cheating on her. She’ll just give them two more days of bliss before she burst their bubble of happiness.
“…made you breakfast. Eggs and toast with nutella, just like you like it in the mornings”
“Thank you, honey”


It was time. Whether she wanted to or not, she had to ask him about the ‘incident’. They had been tiptoeing around it for close to a week now. She wanted to know. She wanted to know all about Shelley. Had she really been fired? Or was her husband feeding her a load of bull.

          So, I was too chicken to know what happened next. Sorry. It’s just how life is.

*Legal Disclaimer: Beware of Nigerian women, they occasionally feed you your shirt when you cheat on therm.



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