Joke of the day

I went to the hobby lobby around Pearland, TX today and they were having a sale.  Simplicity sewing patterns (I love to sew!) were on sale for 99c! (10 per customer). I almost fainted. It usually costs about $20, so of course I taught it was a joke. I went up to the first attendant and asked politely. She responded that thy were indeed on a sale. I didn’t believe her. Anyway, I grabbed a few and incidentally saw price tags of about $17. The fine print of the sale flyer also said, offers not valid of pre-reduced item. Since most of all the ones I wanted had price tags on them. I hissed quietly. No wonder! The good ones were all pre-reduced! Some sale! Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I forged on. Incidentally, I picked up one of the ones I really wanted that had had a price tag on it previously.

This time it didn’t have one.

Keep in mind that each pattern had several copies. Suddenly, my world flipped on its axis, total paradigm shift, I tell you. My mind whirled with possibilities.

Did that mean that that one with the price tag spoke for all of them or did that mean that I had stumbled upon the one pre-reduced item?

Meanwhile, another part of me was like, come on, you know the likeliest possibility is that the one with the price tag spoke for all the others. So, I call up another attendant. This time it was some kind of supervisor.

I asked her, “are they all 99c?”.

She said yes.

I said to her, “but look, this one has a price tag”, to which she replied, “they are all 99c cents”. Inside I was thinking, “is this woman high? It obviously says $17 dollars on the price tag”. I was also thinking to myself, “Is this a joke? No store can be that…nice! never! I can understand it being a certain percent off, but to change the prices for all of them? Impossible!” Hesitantly, I pull out the ten I wanted.

I once again stopped an attendant and asked her the question swirling in my head. She replied, “yes they are all 99c. We do this occasionally”. To which I asked, “how occasionally?” She replied, “Once a month”. I’m pretty sure my mind went blank for a moment. My inside danced with joy and I thanked God (s.w.t/ Glorified and Exalted be He!) There it was, my joke of the day.  I could hardly  believe it. I don’t know if it is going on at all Hobby Lobby’s but it will run in mine for a week!

Alihamdullilahi [All thanks belong to God (s.w.t/ Glorified and Exalted be He!)]


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