Has anyone ever ironed an unruly piece of clothing? It really is a wonderful process. It’s a rebirth of the fabric being massaged by the hot underbelly of the iron. It changes everything. When you first spread your cloth on the ironing board,  it’s rough, unruly and unwilling to cooperate. It looks bereft and devoid of life.  Nothing I want to wear or have reflected upon my person. So, I iron it out.
The first swipe of the iron is really important.  That start connects with the cloth for the very first time and soothes it into complacency.  It expresses to the cloth that it’s there to help it be better.  There, there it seems to say. Then the first swipe. Magic. Life. Health. That rough patch of desolation becomes a smooth paradise. The rainbows and unicorns pop out of the woodwork and a dance begins. The second swipe reveals grassland.  A beautiful smooth valley. As iron forges on, more beautiful scenery comes alive. Finally, the ironing is done. The cloth has been transformed.  New life has been breathed into it.  Think  about its journey for a moment.


New life is a beginning. An opportunity to make something of yourself. You brave new paths and become something new. Something better. It’s just a very revealing process. Ironing.



4 thoughts on “Ironing

  1. wow! I have never thought of ironing in this way or other ever. Ironing has always something tedious for me. Will surely remember your post next time I iron something 🙂

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