Here, there and everywhere…

My 20th is coming up in May and I’m so excited. I was going to have a party but since I’ve eschewed music I figured why not go for the active fun route. I live in a land with no mountains and valleys (At least not one I can drive to and frankly if there is one, its not near my home) but I love the idea of nature. The long hikes with backpacks hitched on my shoulder, a walking stick securing my way…aaahhh. That’s the stuff for me. But it’s my birthday, I wanna also have fun with my friends and family who might not find hiking as fun as I do, so I thought…..wait for it….DisneyLand/World!!!!!!!!! I have never been there before and almost everyone from my family has been. So, Yes, I am planning to go to Disney World/Land for my birthday if the Lord (s.w.t) pleases. I hope so. It’d be a good way to have the most fun for everyone. All the themes, fun and fun…all around me. So, I hope to go there.

Isn’t it beautiful? Sigh.

Although, I have heard of the long lines, and swealtering bodies. Not looking foward to that but…It’s Disney World/Land!!! Who cares? I don’t. Hopefully I can procure one of those ‘jump the line’ passes. Yay Birthday girl; Me<—-


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