Poison Promise – Jennifer Estep

“Gin Blanco is hard-nosed, sexy, and lethal. Nicknamed “The Spider,” she’s a stone elemental assassin who brings her unique mix of magic and tact to every assignment, no matter the target” (Net galley Synopsis). I loved this book. Just when I think that Jennifer Estep simply can’t write another Elemental series novel, she shoots and scores. I simply thought that her new books would never be up to the standard of the old ones but she only got better. Gin faces, I would say, the toughest battle of her life both in this book and probably even more in the next book; Black Widow. I mean, we all know she always skated through by a hair’s breathe, but her final battle in this book was a truly beautiful thing to watch. There is a culmination of all her people having her back. We see all the past characters, not truly involved, but being present. We see a sense of family. Familia for both Gin and every one. I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.

As usual, there are flashbacks that show us Gin’s past and are of course necessary to the narrative. We also see a different side of Gin’s sister,  Bria. One that brings her to the fore and leaves us tearing our hair out. Girl’s got to get it together, that’s all I’m saying!

What else can I say but that she doesn’t disappoint, if you think you know the score, fugget about it! You don’t. There’ gonna be a whole new monster to battle. I’m definitely looking forward to Book #12, Black Widow! Sign me up please!

5 stars!

Check out the A-Z Poem I wrote about it;

A- A new book I’m reading now

B- Book number nine

C- Culminates in ———–

D- Do not reveal

E- Elemental

F- Ferocious

G – Gin Blanco

H- Hindsight

I- Incredible

J- Jennifer Estep

K- Killer Time

L – Livid

M – MM Munroe

N – Never mess with the Spider

O – Operation

P – Poison Promise

Q – Queen of Southtown

R – Review

S- Spider

T – Trust

U – Underworld

V – Victim

W – Wicked

X – Xavier

Y – Yowza!

Z – Zing!


#A-Z blogging Challenge



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