I found myself looking for some inspiration for my post today. My eyes landed first on my phone cased in green leather and then my smoothie, green as grass. As my eyes roved they landed first on the green notebook, then on the highlighted list on my table. It seemed that green was everywhere.  Ahead as i looked, revealed a list of numbers encased in green. Up imparted the green of fake leaves reminding me of the spring. So I looked some more. A binder with a green proclamation appeared and the green lightly pressed on the tissue cardboard case coalesced before my eyes. Suddenly, green seemed to pervade the environment. Another list with green sharpie reported itself as its hiding place was made plain………..And that was it.

This exploration from my tiny cubicle had taken me far away. Away to the land of spring where the sun sneaked in. In the greens, I saw nature, life, birth, death, and rebirth. The whole cycle.

I saw the green trees and  green waters. Nature had taken a beautiful yet ugly turn. Had it? The waters were green. Had the pollens strayed too far or had the algae grown too large? The water didn’t reflect the sky’s own blue. perhaps nature was to blame. Mayhaps, the people had angered it. They had poluted it with the chemicals from the time of the people long dead and had soiled it with the deeds of the money hungry sharks from days long gone.

It occured to me that ought to appease nature and offer her good will so that she may stay as she ought to be.

Stay Green.

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose.



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