A little sad

So, today I found out I was graduating cum laude from my university, sad news to me. It might seem to some that I’m griping but I’ve truly worked hard since I transferred to my new university. I’ve been an extremely good student at this university but my slacky attitude from my previous college has accumulated in me graduating cum laude. A feat I am sure has disappointed my parents who have invited their friends to my graduation. Can I say nightmare? My country has a different system of giving honors, namely First class, second class, second upper, third class and nothing else. All they can see is me being third class. A very sad situation for me. I guess, I might fall in the second upper class category, but I don’t know. My advisor said I should be happy because most people don’t even have any honors at all. It’s just sad because I have worked so hard to be a better student. When I was at my previous school, I wasn’t challenged. My thing is I almost always rise to the occasion. If you put me in a room full of geniuses, I will rise to the occasion. I usually reflect my surroundings. Not a good thing, I tell you. It’s quite terrible.

So, sad I am. Terrribly sad. I wouldn’t completely blame my old school, afterall I should have risen above that occasion. But I didn’t. I barely scaled by with a 3 point average.  It’s sad that i am getting judged by the mistakes I made in the past but I always try to learn from my mistakes. One thing I’m taking away from this situation is to always do my best and rise above the ocassion.


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