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In A Small Indian Town In My Head

My first Post…

Stories Of My Dreams

In a long ago Indian town, there lived a girl and a boy. The boy as very smart and lucrative. He was always in one business or the other. The girl was also smart and both were illiterate.

The girl’s mother was very proud of her. Her mother had dreams for her daughter. When a girl turned eighteen in their small village, they had a tradition. All the girls of age would line up in the village square in front of their mothersand when the community bell rang to signal the start of the ceremony, the girls pure as they were, would then take off their mother’s shoe, wash their mother’s legs with the purest of water and then rub it with the sweetest smelling of oils. This rite of passage symbolized the beginning of the girl’s life. She was thanking her mother for her contribution to her life and…

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