Fantastical Miasma

Saturday (04/05/14)
So today, I have decided to be a little more creative with my post. So today(04/05/14) to y’all two days ago (now), I have decided to put up that title, look at my page on Monday and be inspired to write a story of the title “fantastical Miasma”.

Today (04/07/14)

Step One: What is a Miasma? and Fantastical?

  • mi·as·ma      [ mī ázmə ]
  1. harmful fumes: a harmful or poisonous emanation, especially one caused by burning or decaying organic matter
  2. unwholesome atmosphere: an unwholesome or menacing atmosphere


  • fan·tas·ti·cal     [fan-ˈtas--tĭ-kəl]
      a:  based on fantasy : not real
      b: conceived or seemingly conceived by unrestrained fancy
      c: so extreme as to challenge belief : unbelievable; broadly: exceedingly large or great

Step Two: Define Fantastical Miasma
Fantastical Miasma consists of a reality born of an unwholesome atmosphere so extreme it defies belief

Step Three: Attempt to write of a story born of fantastical miasma.

In a land far away, with clouds of red and white and unending torrential rains, there lived a world of unknown monsters. To some it was called the nightmare shore, to others it was known as home. In this home lived a monster named Apu. With skin that oozed gooey, stretchy slime and mucus all day, Apu was seen as the lowest of life forms. The dark Drakos were seen as the kings of the land. With black as night scales that glistened with the blood, they were a sight to behold. Legend as it that it was the blood from the heart of the children they had gored that stained their scales. No one had ever confirmed that because no one had ever seen a baby Drako and lived to tell the tale. One day as Apu was meandering around with his arms dragging on the floor, his hands brushed against a smooth stone. Apu stopped. He slowly dragged himself around and there on the floor was a shiny blue stone. Apu was mesmerized by it. He had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. Here in this dark dismal world of unending torrential rain stood a beautiful, smooth, blue stone. Apu assumed that the rain had washed away whatever had encased it. Apu looked at it with wonder in his eyes. He had himself never been smooth and shiny before. Although the rain had never ceased in his world, Apu was still always slimy and gooey. Apu picked up the stone as carefully as he could and noticed a crack where he had touched it. He was dismayed. His stone would be destroyed by his seemingly uncontrollable body. As Apu already loved the stone, with the strength he never knew he possessed, he lifted his arms and cradled the stone. Apu knew he had to hurry home before someone saw him with the stone and killed him to possess it. Such was its beauty. He walked as fast as he could and if any of the other life forms had seen him, they would have been surprised for Apu had never shown any sort of initiative not even to lift his hands off the floor.

Apu ran as fast as he could to his hut. Although Apu was of the lowest life form; he ate only animals. So, his hut was created with animal bones and thatched with sand and clay. It was bigger than you could ever imagine but it still only stood on the ground. As of  a lower life form, Apu could not fly and had to live on the land. His only claim to fame was the golden bone of a rare tomotosaphologous, a being so dangerous that it was said that it even defied the dark ones. Apu loved pretty things and could only be bothered to extend his energy when he saw something pretty. Apu had found that bone in a field of crop circles and mazes and had been so entranced by it he took it. The bone transported him to this land from his home planet; Sadakalisis. When others saw him with the bone, they assumed he had destroyed the tomotosaphologous and  never picked a fight with him. Apu unable to find his way home stayed there and decided to call it home. This was very common to people, most of them had been transported there for one reason or the other through means un-understood to them. Only Apu had come with the golden bone. Everyone who arrived to the land had met the Drakos there and had just submitted to their rules. Apu was no different.

When Apu got to his hut, he put the stone on his shelf of truly beautiful things where his golden bone resided and watched them both with a foolish smile upon his face.

To be continued…
Step Four:  Does the said piece of writing fulfill the criteria of fantastical miasma?
Not so much, perharps the future will tell me more…

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