Eating right and exercising
Exceedingly frightful
Eating smart
Expectant loss
Existing mass
Enigmatic looks
Eccentric vibes
Elongate? mystery
Exist the same as everyone

This poem was inspired by all of our needs to balance our weights and people’s perceptions of us. Especially today, the need to be healthy is more crucial than you realize.  Health hazards are common with this generation.  All the hard work and struggles of life have taken a toll, its price being years of our lives.  We will live and die younger than the past generation and pass the same danger to our children if they don’t emulate the need to be healthy and exercise.  Although extremely frightful, eating smart and exercising will go a long way in improving our leaders of tomorrow’s lives. Mothers pass their dangers and strengths to their babies, they should pass more strength than danger but the opposite is more likely true.  It will take a long time before the effects of these exceedingly frightful things shall be visualized  but eventually, you will equalize then exceed.  Stay strong.


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