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Many hundreds of years ago there were only 3 colors in the crayon box.  They named these colors primary.  Everyone carried one of those colors inside them.  The world asked the people to gather as green, blue, or red.  If it was your day for your color to shine everything and everyone was at your command.  All the other colors had to sit back and watch, no mingling was allowed.

Relaxation and healthy activities led the way for the Green day. It was a time for enjoying the outdoors and mingling, giving everyone an opportunity to understand what brought them physical enjoyment.  When the Blue people gathered the day was filled with a calmness and introspection.  Sitting often to reflect on the beauty of the world around them, incorporating that gratitude into their daily interactions with other Colors.  it was decided that after the Red’s day, Blue would follow to allow everyone to recover.  Red

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