Did Ya? Did ya get it?

So, I’ve been doing the #A-Z Blogging Challenge and so far it’s been inspiring and interesting.  My first post was a review, starting with ‘A’ as you may imagine but the next day i decided to be a little more mysterious because just because it starts with A doesn’t mean i have to outright say it. So the next day, I wrote about a Bench as in ‘B’. To see this bench you’re gonna have to dig deeper, read and think.  The next day I did a poem on Cardinals; An Obvious ‘C’. Now I don’t know if we’re going for the obvious but I’m gonna try to stimulate my mind by playing hide and seek games (just sometimes or every time from now, I don’t know). I think it’d be fun to challenge myself to being cryptic.  Maybe, I might even put up a riddle without the answer and maybe the answer may start with the alphabet of the day. Who knows? The possibilities seem endless(ummm not quite, I might have to dig deeper into my bag of tricks. [nail biting terror just ensued].) I guess we’ll all see. Eep

#A-Z Blogging Challenge


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