Plus One by Elizabeth Fama: A must read!

I want more!!!!!! That’s just the short on Elizabeth Fama’s Plus One! OMG. Soleil Le Coeur is awesome! WoW! There must be a book two otherwise… Daaaannnng!
Ok. Unfiltered reaction aside.

This magnificent piece of writing is about a boy and a girl but it’s also about family and the world they live in. Soleil Le Coeur (Sol) is our brave, brash and loyal heroine. In her world people are separated by night and day designations, The Night (Smudge) are required by law to only dwell at night and the Day (Rays) only live in the day, except for special cases. Designations are passed by blood, also unless in special cases. Sol is a smudge who lives with her dying grandfather. His dying wish is to see his grandchild, Sol’s brother; Ciel’s child. See, Ciel is separated from his sister and grandparent due to extenuating circumstances. His designation was changed from night to day. Soelil le Coeur hasn’t seen her brother in two years since he was mysteriously awarded a day designation. My poor girl loves her family with a fierceness that cannot be quantified. So, she sets out to grant her grandfather’s wish. What starts out as an adventurous, albeit stupid journey becomes something else.  Sol gets caught in the midst of a resistance that has her discovering her limits and seeing just how far she’ll go to make things right.

I just finished reading this book and i just had to tell people about it. Ever read Noughts & Crosses by Mallory Blackman? I dare say it’s sort of like this book. It’s a brilliant piece of writing engineered gingerly from beginning to end with the pieces fitting in nicely just like a jigsaw puzzle.

I don’t want to divulge the awesomeness I read between these pages but it has a little bit of everything. Fans of Divergent, Noughts & Crosses has aforementioned, Matched by Allie Condie will certainly get a little bit of everything.

This book starts out as just the story of a girl trying to give her grandfather what he wants but opens up a world about social idealism and just what can be sacrificed for the greater good. It’s beautiful and evocative.

Of course, there is a love story among this rebellion. I mustn’t say too much about that as I might inadvertently giveaway something but yes, there is a Mr. Soleil Le Coeur. Oh, and Sol is seventeen. But for a seventeen year old girl, she sure is some’ing fierce.

I certainly hope there is a book two because there is certainly room for it but on the other hand, if Ms. Fama leaves it like this, your mind will soar with possibilities. It’s brilliant and I hope Ms. Fama will certainly have a second book written.

Now of course, since I’m reviewing it, I must note that there were some places that had me wandering amidst confusion. I think I have a handle on them now but it’s a bit shaky.

First, i was unsure if skin color had anything to do with designation. I think she addressed that with Ciel’s wife and other things but I’m still uncertain. Either way, it doesn’t take away from the book, i’d just like to know because she emphasized Skin color by exemplifying Ciel’s wife, kizzie’s skin color. This is probably because smudges never go out in daylight, for the most part, I think. But I should not think, I should know.

Second, I’ll like to know more about what caused the separation. Although Ms. Fama gave an explanation, I’d still like to know more, including about the places that do not follow the Night/Day separation laws. Why don’t more people move there? If not that, at least give an example of someone who has moved there for some reason, and why. I didn’t even see anyone mention it as a possibility.

Overall, i’d still rate this book a 5 out of 5. It should be read!


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