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A Need So Insatiable – Cecilia Robert

“You’ve owned me from the moment I walked into that music room. You’ve wrapped yourself in my heart and mind. I can’t get you out. I don’t want to.” ~ Rafael Van Rees

Daaaaaannnnggg, right? This beautiful story truly begins with a week in two children’s lives that will change their lives forever. Sophie Fisher is a daring, beautiful opera singer whose father’s death has left her with enough debt and trouble to mire her life forever. She has an equally beautiful younger sister Lilli and they both live in Europe. Sophie is stronger than she knows and when she is contacted by the mafia in regards to paying her father’s debt, well, let’s just say things get interesting.

Enter Rafael Van Rees. He’s enigmatic & mysterious and nobody knows a thing about him. He is a music conductor among other things and the feeling he has for Sophie is staggering from the get go. Here is a man shrouded by secret who seems to know Sophie better than she could have ever expected.

These two people are connected by things in their past that keeps drawing them together. Rafael will do anything to protect her, even confront his past head on and she’ll do anything to protect him. Their love story begins.

It made me laugh, smile and beam with happiness. I don’t want to divulge the crux of these two people’s love story but it’s as powerful as it is painful. The past is painful for both of them but when their paths collide, the truth does too.

Overall, I’ll  give it a four out of five. It does its job a little too well. You really need to suspend reality especially every time Raphael and Sophie’s ages are mentioned.


Plus One by Elizabeth Fama: A must read!

I want more!!!!!! That’s just the short on Elizabeth Fama’s Plus One! OMG. Soleil Le Coeur is awesome! WoW! There must be a book two otherwise… Daaaannnng!
Ok. Unfiltered reaction aside.

This magnificent piece of writing is about a boy and a girl but it’s also about family and the world they live in. Soleil Le Coeur (Sol) is our brave, brash and loyal heroine. In her world people are separated by night and day designations, The Night (Smudge) are required by law to only dwell at night and the Day (Rays) only live in the day, except for special cases. Designations are passed by blood, also unless in special cases. Sol is a smudge who lives with her dying grandfather. His dying wish is to see his grandchild, Sol’s brother; Ciel’s child. See, Ciel is separated from his sister and grandparent due to extenuating circumstances. His designation was changed from night to day. Soelil le Coeur hasn’t seen her brother in two years since he was mysteriously awarded a day designation. My poor girl loves her family with a fierceness that cannot be quantified. So, she sets out to grant her grandfather’s wish. What starts out as an adventurous, albeit stupid journey becomes something else.  Sol gets caught in the midst of a resistance that has her discovering her limits and seeing just how far she’ll go to make things right.

I just finished reading this book and i just had to tell people about it. Ever read Noughts & Crosses by Mallory Blackman? I dare say it’s sort of like this book. It’s a brilliant piece of writing engineered gingerly from beginning to end with the pieces fitting in nicely just like a jigsaw puzzle.

I don’t want to divulge the awesomeness I read between these pages but it has a little bit of everything. Fans of Divergent, Noughts & Crosses has aforementioned, Matched by Allie Condie will certainly get a little bit of everything.

This book starts out as just the story of a girl trying to give her grandfather what he wants but opens up a world about social idealism and just what can be sacrificed for the greater good. It’s beautiful and evocative.

Of course, there is a love story among this rebellion. I mustn’t say too much about that as I might inadvertently giveaway something but yes, there is a Mr. Soleil Le Coeur. Oh, and Sol is seventeen. But for a seventeen year old girl, she sure is some’ing fierce.

I certainly hope there is a book two because there is certainly room for it but on the other hand, if Ms. Fama leaves it like this, your mind will soar with possibilities. It’s brilliant and I hope Ms. Fama will certainly have a second book written.

Now of course, since I’m reviewing it, I must note that there were some places that had me wandering amidst confusion. I think I have a handle on them now but it’s a bit shaky.

First, i was unsure if skin color had anything to do with designation. I think she addressed that with Ciel’s wife and other things but I’m still uncertain. Either way, it doesn’t take away from the book, i’d just like to know because she emphasized Skin color by exemplifying Ciel’s wife, kizzie’s skin color. This is probably because smudges never go out in daylight, for the most part, I think. But I should not think, I should know.

Second, I’ll like to know more about what caused the separation. Although Ms. Fama gave an explanation, I’d still like to know more, including about the places that do not follow the Night/Day separation laws. Why don’t more people move there? If not that, at least give an example of someone who has moved there for some reason, and why. I didn’t even see anyone mention it as a possibility.

Overall, i’d still rate this book a 5 out of 5. It should be read!

Third Degree by Julie Cross

I really really liked this book. Third Degree is pretty awesome. Personally, Julie Cross always gives me just what I need whenever I read her books. It was nice to read something a little light hearted than the previous book I read. Child prodigy, Isabel Jenkins goes back to college in a move that is slightly reminiscent of Doogie Howser, M.D., the kid doctor. Isabel has two degrees already and several other merits and qualifications under her belt and is ready to be a full-time doctor. Or so she thinks. WHAM! She fails the Emotional readiness test! Shocking! Suddenly, her future is left wide open. Isabel is much like Bones from the Bones show in the manner she interacts with the world. sort of. She’s full of medical terms that sound like Jargon to most ears. She has no sense of privacy, hello Doctor! and her idea of fun is sitting in at a heart surgery or better yet performing one. So here goes, our little girl into the quasi real world; College. Haha. Much fun, no?

As a child prodigy, Isabel has been waited on hand and foot. Her opinions have been put on a pedestal and her quirks? well those are welcome.   In the hospital.     Not in School. Woopsies! Well nobody gave Isabel that memo. Isabel is sheltered, no lie. She didn’t grow up learning things that we as human learn, such as how to relate to people through trial and error. She’s misunderstood because her methods of doing things are not the same as others. As someone who’s a little bit like her, I really connected to her. I never connected with the world when I was little and I had a lot of issues in trying to be normal.  Enters assistance in the form of a very hot RA; Marshall. Now Isabel my dear is not new to coitus buuut she’s new to relationships. Isabel herself is adopted and her only manner of knowing her place in life is through her parents’ marriage. Now, her parents are getting a divorce. Her stability becomes threatened. Poor Isabel has to figure out her place in the scheme of life and how to be strong on her own. Tough. Marshall agrees to tutor her about life if she tutors him in Anatomy.

Take a look
Izzy’s Educational To-do List (#2-3)

2. Literature: read at least five novels that are popular with female teenagers and have zero educational value (Renee recommends Twilight series books, Tracy says anything but Twilight; Marshall has never been a female teenager).
3. Chemistry: experiment with alcohol and/or other substances with similar purpose (Marshall did not seek out input from his sisters on this subject because he refuses to acknowledge that, at thirteen and sixteen, his sisters may know something about illegal substance use).

I’ll definitely give this a 5 star. If you’re looking for something with humor, some good life lessons and family, this is the book for you!

Put Me Back Together – Lola Rooney

Put me back together by Lola Rooney is a must read. I’ll give it a three out of five. Could have gotten more except for a few mysteries that will forever remain uncertain to me. It was the story of a person hunted by ghosts from the past. In a different world, most of us start living lies when we are older and have seen much of the world. We twist our mistakes and lies into the truth and live with the consequences. Katie Archer, the protagonist of the novel has been living a lie since she was a child. She did something innocent and stupid that became the greatest regret of her life and destroyed a lot of people’s lives. This mistake twisted her psyche until she became withdrawn and a shadow of her former self. People saw her in a light she believed should not shine upon her. In her attempt to escape this life, she chooses a college 3,000 miles away from the truth and attempts to hide sho she had become. Enter Lucas Matthews, hottie bad boy with a mystery of his own. Ummmmm getting interesting uh? As you might have guessed, they connect. He sees her and she sees him, for the most part.
Her lies starts to pierce her happiness with Lucas. How could it not? She believes he doesn’t know her truth. She’s let the past define her for so long that to her, it’s her weakest point and the thing that could destroy her. She could be right, especially when old foes come a’knocking…

You’d Better Watch Yourself, Katie Kat

You’ll Never Get Away With It

I’m Coming For You   ——

Things I would have loved to see change

1. I would love for her to clear up the mystery completely. I’m way calmer now than when i read it. I felt that she left our heroine in danger although i have my suspicions that maybe she’ll be just fine. But please! girl has got to clear that up! For realsies! shoooeeeyy

2. The mystery event that went on  in this novel should have been better related as to the consequences and weight of it. What happened destroyed people’s lives and future. I guess i should say, I’d have loved to a more in-depth handling of  the repercussions of the event and Katie’s part in it. I don’t want to reveal too much, but although what happened happened innocently-ish, I needed to see more legality towards the end. I think you’ll agree with me if you read the book.

3. I would have loved to see more of the process of guilt and responsible processes rather than  the outcome. How did Kate become the Kate we know. Truly? Something horrible happened in the book and I would have loved to see more of the in-between rather than the beginning, end and middle.

So there are my three stars. I am recommending it because, it is quite frankly interesting and does have potential. It could definitely be five out of five if it fulfills the three changes I listed above.