Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady

I just finished Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady and it was amazing! Every road was thrilling, not a second wasted. I danced with the raven and flew with the crane! But Jacinda? Poor gal. I can wait to see her story. She has a long road ahead of her. I hadn’t read the books that came before but that didn’t matter. Hearts of Chaos is about the love of the crane and the raven. For those who already know the Babylonian myth of the Enuma Elish, this will be a treat. You’ll get to see Tiamat be the real cray cray bee she’s known for. You’ll also get to see her make another pantheon of children, scary right?
I’ll give this book a 5 out of 5. It was fast paced and amazing all through. I had been so sick of paranormal novels and was happy to read something that gripped me right from the beginning. Kira Brady is an author to keep an eye on.

What can i say about this book?
1. It’s full of adventure
2. There is a booming love story
3. There are tragic tragedies
4. There is a prophecy
5. There is a goddess
And there is a revolution

Bottom line, it has everything you could ever imagine. It’s tightly packed with action. It features the love story of a strong leader and a growing prophesied heroin. They have to go on a journey to save their world when the apocalypse walks through the door into their world.

Check out my poetry (Prose Poem) spiel:

Hearts of chaos. It made me smile, laugh and made me sad. A strong man depended on a woman for a while. He was Raven and she was the Crane. A fated pair, the harbinger and the Corbette. She was a spiritual as he was gritty. He was dark and strong as she was a frail and full of faith. One day when Tiamat brought down darkness and turned Seattle into the Hanging gardens, the Raven followed his spirit guide into the land of the dead. The Crane was weak and strong and flew far and true to warn the people of Chaos’ true aim. Their Corbette had gone into the land of the dead and the people despaired. The Crane full of fear flew true once again to the Raven. The people knew that Tiamat was one with Astrid’s body. Her Corbette needed her as she needed him. Strong like a bear with the eyes of a raven, Corbette warned the Crane to run far and true. The land of the dead could not two the living take. Balance must be restored. An accident of fate led the Crane to stay. Together they ventured into the land of the dead. Enkidu of Tiamat’s evil was ahead of the race to gain the scepter of power to end chaos’ reign. The Crane and Raven together went forth into the underworld. The lady be with them they exclaimed! They had to win the race for the Kivati, Drakar and human to stay. The Raven fell blind and leaned on the Crane. The Crane upheld the Raven as he fell blind. The faith became a ruler as the strength became the weakness. So the retelling went as from Chaos came order.

Oops; that’s pretty much the whole book if you can figure it out. Read it though. read it.


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