Salvation by Noelle Adams

I really liked this book. Very simple way to encompass my level of admiration for this work but I think it works. It reminded me of the book Almost: A Love Story by Anne Eliot. I adored Almost. This book is different though. There was no almost. Diana was raped and Gideon was powerless to stop it. Gideon is an undercover FBI agent and hero of the novel. He happened to be at the worn place at the wrong time just like Diana. A brief but gripping interlude in their lives that they could never let go of. Who could blame them. Diana wrestles with her brutal remains after her sexual assault as does Gideon couldn’t help but feel connected to the woman he couldn’t really help. The book starts out with the actual assault so I’m not really breaking the story. It’s what happens after that is the assemblage of the book.

In regards to the mechanics, I loved the way the story flowed. It seemed seamless apart from a lull in the middle that quickly fades away. It’s beautiful and graceful in its fluidity. The characters are well developed albeit leaning more towards Diana as this is her story. We see her grow in strength and in light and it’s beautiful to watch. Just as a fawn slowly gets up, falls and surely tries again, we see her fall and survive.

It is not easy by any chance and I feared for her several times but every time she fell, there was someone there to catch her; Gideon and we see them grow together.

I will rate it a four out of five for its seamlessness and exquisite storyline.

Although… I would have loved to see things from Gideon’s perspective. What drove him to be who he was? Why did he pursue Diana and not give up on her? What powerful urge drove him to be the man he was? How did his stint as an undercover FBI agent affect him? I feel that a  POV (point of view) from Gideon will be just as powerful as one from Diana and in the same book, it could transform that 4 out of 5 to a 5 goldstar!


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