The Paladin Prophecy & Alliance by Mark Frost

True story. I am reviewing this book for the publisher. Now that that’s out of the way, my obligation to them is done. Prior to receiving Alliance, I had never read the Paladin Prophecy (TPP) , so of course I had to read it first. It is one of the most riveting, intelligent piece of fiction I have ever read. Wow. Off the bat, let me say I’m partial to TPP. Mark Frost is a great writer and if there is ever any need for evidence, read The Paladin Prophecy! It grabbed me from the beginning to the end and didn’t let go once! Mark treated the reader like intelligent people. That is something that stood out to me, particularly. He didn’t over explain something and he didn’t really set the scene of a piece on information with a lot of jibber-jabber. The info just flowed as the book unfolded in a precise intelligent manner. Nothing was ever surprising disclosed. Off the bat, the powers that Will West possessed wasn’t like, “OMG, I have these powers, woooooaaahhhh”, It was more like, “yeah, I already had these but it’s improving”. So refreshing. After reading many “the one” books, it was nice to see a different spin on the one. Plus, “the one” wasn’t really just one, too. Awesome! But it still kinda felt like he was the one. This is great cuz I like my hero to have most of the limelight! Score!

Enter, Elise, Nick, Brook and Ajay! Yaaaayyy. He has a posse with their own, let’s say uuummm, special skills? uh-uh. Awesome plus there is a burgeoning love connection that isn’t the focus of the book, score! Love stories are great but this book is way more than that and that’s how I like it! I will not reveal much about what happens in the book but, Wow! Mark really hit the cake on this one. I was all, “Nooooo. Oh wait, I have book two” at the end of book one. I just loved it! It was good to read something I did not have to slave through just because I had a commitment to it. It was amazing and I opened Alliance excited to know more.

Alliance. The kids re all are awake (aware of the shtuff happening around them). Oh, Will West is so amazing. I have a crush on his smartness. sooo awesome. He was all like evasive and smart in book one which i like. I don’t want him to be stupid even if it is for the progress of the book and trust me he wasn’t. He did have a learning cuz but who doesn’t when shtuff goes down but he was all prepared. Ok. Alliance. Alliance to me was great but wan’t as good as TPP. Maybe it’s because I’m so enamored with the intelligence of TPP but oh well, it was great and revealing, sorta. You have to read it to understand, that Allaince was only the logical conclusion, that’s why it was revealing-ish. It wasn’t predictable per say, but if you’re smart,with info from book one you can connect the dots and factor in the new information. I loved it and can’t wait for book three to come out! I know, it’d be even more brilliant than the past two books! Go Will West & the Alliance!!!!!!

Check out The Paladin Prophecy on Amazon, Random House Books, and Barnes & Noble .

Check out Alliance on Barnes & Noble and Amazon

You won’t regret it!


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