Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill

Random person: Sloane Jacobs? Sloane Jacobs?
Sloane Jacobs: That’s me!
Sloane Jacobs: That’s me!
Sloane Jacobs & Sloane Jacobs: Whaaaaaaaaa (Meg Griffin style)

One second later
Sloane Emily Jacobs: I have a terrible life.
Sloane Devon Jacobs: I have a terrible life.
Sloane Emily: Let’s switch!
Sloane Devon: Won’t work!
Sloane Emily: Will do!
Sloane Devon: K. Let’s switch.

And Poof! There it started.

A classic case of switcheroo with a lot of excitement! Can’t beat the classics.

I haven’t been this excited about a book in forever. I was rooting for them both throughout the book! So, Sloane Emily is a figure skater while Sloane Devon is a hockey player. As you can imagine, their personalities are different. They are both tough in different ways and imagine each other’s sport to be easy. We have the requisite rich girl (Sloane Emily) & other side of the tracks (sorta) girl (Sloane Devon). Do not go there. They do both have deep issues. Trust me. You’ll be rooting for them before the end of the book, several times. They get into hijinks with their mates, and it’s aweeesome. They both fall in love in the city of Montreal. It’s beautiful to watch them grow and develop into strong, confident girls. Just beautiful. I tethered on the edge of excitement all through this book. It’s been a while since I’ve just had some good old fun while reading and i certainly did in this one. I loved it!

Check it out on Amazon!

Author’s Synopsis


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