Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Rift Part 1by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru


Remember Avatar: The Last Airbender from Nickelodeon? I watched that thing religiously over and over again until the end and then again. Then came Legend of Korra which I’m loath to watch because I fear that it might tarnish my memory of Aang. What if I love Korra but Aang must surely be dead for her to live… So nope, even though I added it to my Hulu queue i will not be watching it for a long long while.
Avatar:The Last Airbender has changed quite a bit since before the beginning of Legend of Korra. I haven’t realized how much until now.Strange thing, the Airbender clan still exists in drove but I haven’t seen any signs of power though. The writers did note that there were people without bending skills. My concern was that Aang had air acolytes which i presume he teaches Airbending to. No sign of them performing on their own so far though, so Aang is still the last airbender. Phew… took me a while there, huh?
I love the panels and the drawing. It’s just as it should be; just like watching the real thing. The panels are strong and help you go along with the flow and if you’re reading it on a tablet, it’s even better especially cuz you can scroll down with reasonable progression.
I loved this series and i am eagerly awaiting Part 2. When it ended i was like “Really though? It was just getting goood. Noooooo”. Yeah. It’s that good. This series focuses more on Toph, our resident bad (blind) girl! She is tough as nails as her name suggests and her bending skills really are magnificent. Aang could learn a thing or two from her. Yep. The Avatar could and is learning from Toph herself. In this series we get an indept look at Toph’s past. It’s exciting. We get to see why Toph is so independent and well…though. Just barely though. Sadly, I will have to wait till Part 2 to see what the heck is gonna happen. The horror. I hate to wait! Oh well ~~

Check out this magnificent beast if you love Toph and will like to see more badassery from her. Oh as well as sheer stubbornness!

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