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Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady

I just finished Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady and it was amazing! Every road was thrilling, not a second wasted. I danced with the raven and flew with the crane! But Jacinda? Poor gal. I can wait to see her story. She has a long road ahead of her. I hadn’t read the books that came before but that didn’t matter. Hearts of Chaos is about the love of the crane and the raven. For those who already know the Babylonian myth of the Enuma Elish, this will be a treat. You’ll get to see Tiamat be the real cray cray bee she’s known for. You’ll also get to see her make another pantheon of children, scary right?
I’ll give this book a 5 out of 5. It was fast paced and amazing all through. I had been so sick of paranormal novels and was happy to read something that gripped me right from the beginning. Kira Brady is an author to keep an eye on.

What can i say about this book?
1. It’s full of adventure
2. There is a booming love story
3. There are tragic tragedies
4. There is a prophecy
5. There is a goddess
And there is a revolution

Bottom line, it has everything you could ever imagine. It’s tightly packed with action. It features the love story of a strong leader and a growing prophesied heroin. They have to go on a journey to save their world when the apocalypse walks through the door into their world.

Check out my poetry (Prose Poem) spiel:

Hearts of chaos. It made me smile, laugh and made me sad. A strong man depended on a woman for a while. He was Raven and she was the Crane. A fated pair, the harbinger and the Corbette. She was a spiritual as he was gritty. He was dark and strong as she was a frail and full of faith. One day when Tiamat brought down darkness and turned Seattle into the Hanging gardens, the Raven followed his spirit guide into the land of the dead. The Crane was weak and strong and flew far and true to warn the people of Chaos’ true aim. Their Corbette had gone into the land of the dead and the people despaired. The Crane full of fear flew true once again to the Raven. The people knew that Tiamat was one with Astrid’s body. Her Corbette needed her as she needed him. Strong like a bear with the eyes of a raven, Corbette warned the Crane to run far and true. The land of the dead could not two the living take. Balance must be restored. An accident of fate led the Crane to stay. Together they ventured into the land of the dead. Enkidu of Tiamat’s evil was ahead of the race to gain the scepter of power to end chaos’ reign. The Crane and Raven together went forth into the underworld. The lady be with them they exclaimed! They had to win the race for the Kivati, Drakar and human to stay. The Raven fell blind and leaned on the Crane. The Crane upheld the Raven as he fell blind. The faith became a ruler as the strength became the weakness. So the retelling went as from Chaos came order.

Oops; that’s pretty much the whole book if you can figure it out. Read it though. read it.

Salvation by Noelle Adams

I really liked this book. Very simple way to encompass my level of admiration for this work but I think it works. It reminded me of the book Almost: A Love Story by Anne Eliot. I adored Almost. This book is different though. There was no almost. Diana was raped and Gideon was powerless to stop it. Gideon is an undercover FBI agent and hero of the novel. He happened to be at the worn place at the wrong time just like Diana. A brief but gripping interlude in their lives that they could never let go of. Who could blame them. Diana wrestles with her brutal remains after her sexual assault as does Gideon couldn’t help but feel connected to the woman he couldn’t really help. The book starts out with the actual assault so I’m not really breaking the story. It’s what happens after that is the assemblage of the book.

In regards to the mechanics, I loved the way the story flowed. It seemed seamless apart from a lull in the middle that quickly fades away. It’s beautiful and graceful in its fluidity. The characters are well developed albeit leaning more towards Diana as this is her story. We see her grow in strength and in light and it’s beautiful to watch. Just as a fawn slowly gets up, falls and surely tries again, we see her fall and survive.

It is not easy by any chance and I feared for her several times but every time she fell, there was someone there to catch her; Gideon and we see them grow together.

I will rate it a four out of five for its seamlessness and exquisite storyline.

Although… I would have loved to see things from Gideon’s perspective. What drove him to be who he was? Why did he pursue Diana and not give up on her? What powerful urge drove him to be the man he was? How did his stint as an undercover FBI agent affect him? I feel that a  POV (point of view) from Gideon will be just as powerful as one from Diana and in the same book, it could transform that 4 out of 5 to a 5 goldstar!

The Paladin Prophecy & Alliance by Mark Frost

True story. I am reviewing this book for the publisher. Now that that’s out of the way, my obligation to them is done. Prior to receiving Alliance, I had never read the Paladin Prophecy (TPP) , so of course I had to read it first. It is one of the most riveting, intelligent piece of fiction I have ever read. Wow. Off the bat, let me say I’m partial to TPP. Mark Frost is a great writer and if there is ever any need for evidence, read The Paladin Prophecy! It grabbed me from the beginning to the end and didn’t let go once! Mark treated the reader like intelligent people. That is something that stood out to me, particularly. He didn’t over explain something and he didn’t really set the scene of a piece on information with a lot of jibber-jabber. The info just flowed as the book unfolded in a precise intelligent manner. Nothing was ever surprising disclosed. Off the bat, the powers that Will West possessed wasn’t like, “OMG, I have these powers, woooooaaahhhh”, It was more like, “yeah, I already had these but it’s improving”. So refreshing. After reading many “the one” books, it was nice to see a different spin on the one. Plus, “the one” wasn’t really just one, too. Awesome! But it still kinda felt like he was the one. This is great cuz I like my hero to have most of the limelight! Score!

Enter, Elise, Nick, Brook and Ajay! Yaaaayyy. He has a posse with their own, let’s say uuummm, special skills? uh-uh. Awesome plus there is a burgeoning love connection that isn’t the focus of the book, score! Love stories are great but this book is way more than that and that’s how I like it! I will not reveal much about what happens in the book but, Wow! Mark really hit the cake on this one. I was all, “Nooooo. Oh wait, I have book two” at the end of book one. I just loved it! It was good to read something I did not have to slave through just because I had a commitment to it. It was amazing and I opened Alliance excited to know more.

Alliance. The kids re all are awake (aware of the shtuff happening around them). Oh, Will West is so amazing. I have a crush on his smartness. sooo awesome. He was all like evasive and smart in book one which i like. I don’t want him to be stupid even if it is for the progress of the book and trust me he wasn’t. He did have a learning cuz but who doesn’t when shtuff goes down but he was all prepared. Ok. Alliance. Alliance to me was great but wan’t as good as TPP. Maybe it’s because I’m so enamored with the intelligence of TPP but oh well, it was great and revealing, sorta. You have to read it to understand, that Allaince was only the logical conclusion, that’s why it was revealing-ish. It wasn’t predictable per say, but if you’re smart,with info from book one you can connect the dots and factor in the new information. I loved it and can’t wait for book three to come out! I know, it’d be even more brilliant than the past two books! Go Will West & the Alliance!!!!!!

Check out The Paladin Prophecy on Amazon, Random House Books, and Barnes & Noble .

Check out Alliance on Barnes & Noble and Amazon

You won’t regret it!

Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill

Random person: Sloane Jacobs? Sloane Jacobs?
Sloane Jacobs: That’s me!
Sloane Jacobs: That’s me!
Sloane Jacobs & Sloane Jacobs: Whaaaaaaaaa (Meg Griffin style)

One second later
Sloane Emily Jacobs: I have a terrible life.
Sloane Devon Jacobs: I have a terrible life.
Sloane Emily: Let’s switch!
Sloane Devon: Won’t work!
Sloane Emily: Will do!
Sloane Devon: K. Let’s switch.

And Poof! There it started.

A classic case of switcheroo with a lot of excitement! Can’t beat the classics.

I haven’t been this excited about a book in forever. I was rooting for them both throughout the book! So, Sloane Emily is a figure skater while Sloane Devon is a hockey player. As you can imagine, their personalities are different. They are both tough in different ways and imagine each other’s sport to be easy. We have the requisite rich girl (Sloane Emily) & other side of the tracks (sorta) girl (Sloane Devon). Do not go there. They do both have deep issues. Trust me. You’ll be rooting for them before the end of the book, several times. They get into hijinks with their mates, and it’s aweeesome. They both fall in love in the city of Montreal. It’s beautiful to watch them grow and develop into strong, confident girls. Just beautiful. I tethered on the edge of excitement all through this book. It’s been a while since I’ve just had some good old fun while reading and i certainly did in this one. I loved it!

Check it out on Amazon!

Author’s Synopsis

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Rift Part 1by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru


Remember Avatar: The Last Airbender from Nickelodeon? I watched that thing religiously over and over again until the end and then again. Then came Legend of Korra which I’m loath to watch because I fear that it might tarnish my memory of Aang. What if I love Korra but Aang must surely be dead for her to live… So nope, even though I added it to my Hulu queue i will not be watching it for a long long while.
Avatar:The Last Airbender has changed quite a bit since before the beginning of Legend of Korra. I haven’t realized how much until now.Strange thing, the Airbender clan still exists in drove but I haven’t seen any signs of power though. The writers did note that there were people without bending skills. My concern was that Aang had air acolytes which i presume he teaches Airbending to. No sign of them performing on their own so far though, so Aang is still the last airbender. Phew… took me a while there, huh?
I love the panels and the drawing. It’s just as it should be; just like watching the real thing. The panels are strong and help you go along with the flow and if you’re reading it on a tablet, it’s even better especially cuz you can scroll down with reasonable progression.
I loved this series and i am eagerly awaiting Part 2. When it ended i was like “Really though? It was just getting goood. Noooooo”. Yeah. It’s that good. This series focuses more on Toph, our resident bad (blind) girl! She is tough as nails as her name suggests and her bending skills really are magnificent. Aang could learn a thing or two from her. Yep. The Avatar could and is learning from Toph herself. In this series we get an indept look at Toph’s past. It’s exciting. We get to see why Toph is so independent and well…though. Just barely though. Sadly, I will have to wait till Part 2 to see what the heck is gonna happen. The horror. I hate to wait! Oh well ~~

Check out this magnificent beast if you love Toph and will like to see more badassery from her. Oh as well as sheer stubbornness!

Movies into Books? What’s a girl to say?

I am extremely passionate about literary works and I believe that stories are a pleasure and priviledge you have to earn by reading the work not watching a hollywood rendition. The blockbuster movies hollywood has produced recently, in the past five years or so have been converted from books to movies. Screen plays are understandably created as writing to be presented in a visual form. Screen play. Books. Different. Nowadays, most authors dream of Hollywood optioning their books and turning them into movies. A dream that i don’t support. If you want to write a book, write a book, if you want to write a screen play, please do so. Now, i am not completely averse to the movie/book scenario. I would rather a movie screenplay be made into a book after the movie has been seen. Double standard? Maybe so.

Sidney Sheldon is one of my most favorite writers of all time. Did you know he used to be a TV writer? (Woah! I just discovered that one of my most favorite books of his  If Tomorrow Comes was made a mini series in 1986! *–*Give  me a moment to stew over this betrayal) Ok. so he wrote for The Patty Duke show (Loooove this show) and I dream of Genie (Loooove this show) as well as several other shows. Never getting over this.


Movies have been made into books since the beginning of film, The Christmas Carol, Frankenstein, Nosferatu, you name it. They can be excused. You know why? It could be argued that the screen was still magical then, almost magical enough that people wanted to see their books made into moving pictures. I mean, imagine! Moving Pictures! They are moving. Now, people have no excuse. The movie technology has not been completely mastered but we all know Hollywood can pretty make whatever’s on paper real enough. So, why can’t hollywood write their own stuff and fiction writers and such stick to their own stuff. Very illogical but i can’t help myself. I don’t want to see my precious books made into movies.

Imagination means that you can fly as high as the moon and fall in love with an Angel. Movies have imagination also but the aspect of turning a lovable book into screen play is tenuous. Writing for both scenarios are different processes. There are many things that books do that movies can never recreate. At least not now. Maybe never.

List of Modern books that have made it onto TV and Films

(But a tiny drop in the bucket!)

  1. Twilight Saga (used to be series before Hollywood) by Stephanie Meyer
  2. The Host by Stephanie Meyer (It’s still only on book 1)
  3. Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
  4. Divergent (gahhhhhh) by Veronica Roth
  5. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
  6. Matched Series by Allie Condie
  7. Beautiful Creatures Series by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  8. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
  9. Ramona and Beezus Series by Beverly Cleary
  10. Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling
  11. The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald
  12. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
  13. The Time traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  14. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
  15. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
  16. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
  17. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

One of the reasons for the success of Harry Potter is because it made a movie for all seven (Hollywood made it eight) books. That’s amazing for people because they got to see all the details that were in the book. Hollywood made it eight movies for seven books for the money as well as the magnification of the final battle of Harry and Voldemort. It worked well for everyone, I never even saw part 6, 7 & 8 of the movie but I can say that it worked because of the reaction of people around me. How can you ever capture the entire storyline in a book that is not yet finished. The Host 2 (The Seeker) is not even out yet but Book 1 (The Host) is already out in movie form. Beautiful Cratures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl has a four part book. It’s like they (Hollywood) is trying to grab all the money in the world. It seems like making books into movies is a trend that has gained popularity but like may other trends will end and begin once again. This practice has been going on since like 1910. Vintage trends always circle back. Case in point. Remember,


It became all about the money. Annoys me to no end! I haven’t seen part 3, 4 (& 5?) of the Twilight Saga nor have I seen any of the Hunger Games. Will not be seeing Divergent, Vampire Academy, you name it. Never saw Cloud Atlas.

(Does anyone know if Winter’s Tale has a book? Will love to read that!)


These are my random and stagnant but barely changing views on turning movies into to books. Hollywood rocks & Sucks! I will never ever see any of my favorite books in their movie forms.n I have a lot more to say, this isn’t finished yet but I have to go. But I swear if, Hollywood makes one more of my favorite books into a movie, s**t is gonna hit the fan!

The Death of a Loved One – Jelilat Adesiyan


The Death of a Loved One
An emotional wreck
A collision of grief
The Absence
The guilt
The tears

The ones they leave behind
They tear
They fight
The ashes left behind
A world of ir-repair

The Death of a Loved One
A world of ir-repair
An emotional wreck
A collision of grief
Goodbye dear.


The tears blind me
Blurry figures shaking hands
A wake
A rush of tears
I’m so sorry

Shaky hands
Whispered words
Death is done
The living must live
The guilt has come
Life must be lived

The shroud again
Flowers at the grave
The pied piper must pay

The Old Carousel – Jelilat Adesiyan

                                                                             The Old Carousel by Jelilat Adesiyan

I am old like a used tire.
Unlike the tire, I’m not every day used.
I am forgotten until summer, when the wind is hot
And the old timers are coming in droves to their summer homes.

I live in a field as green as the waters of a dolphin infested sea,
Albeit not as beautiful as those aquamarine waters.
I am as old and worn as a grandmother who has lived.
My paint is not as sharp and clear as it once was.
The hands of my lovers, past and present, have scraped them away as sure as the sky is blue.

I hear the children laughing gaily as they pass by,
They are promising themselves the pleasure of my company.
They are milling about holding hands as they wait in line.
They are waiting in line, for me.
They have finally remembered that I exist.

I see the first timers,
You can recognize them, cameras in hand,
Practically skipping in the queue that can’t move fast enough,
They bump against each other, their hands gesturing in a language I cannot understand.
Maybe, I once could.
When my paint was still wet and I had all the time in the world.
Time had still seemed eternal in all of its ancientness.
When I was still spinning without the ache in my metal bones,
Now, my bones creak with every spin and turn,
Informing me that the time might be nigh,
Revealing a secret that I ache to forget.
That a time will come when I shall no longer exist.
I shall be taken away and forgotten just like the one before me,
I waved him goodbye then,
Secretly joyful.

Now it shall soon be me,
The old, being discarded for the new.
I shall be taken away, relegated to inexistence
The old timers shall remember me and smile.
The first timers will exclaim at the sight of my replacement.
For them, I would never have existed.

I weep for that time in the future.
But for now, I shall enjoy their affectionate touches,
Remembering my secret oath;
I shall create fond memories for them.
Hahahaha, I hear them laughing gaily.

Unititled Pantoum

These shadows that follow me into the deep recesses of my mind,
They never let me rest,
I’m always remembering and regretting,
Oh, why did I let them in?

They never let me rest,
I bemoan ever creating them,
Oh, why did I let them in?
Dark clouds that bite the hands that feed them.

I bemoan ever creating them,
Did I? Did I create these shades?
Dark clouds that bite the hands that feed them,
Let me go, so I can fill your darkness with light.

Did I? Did I create these shades?
Set me free of my shadowed memories,
Let me go, so I can fill your darkness with light
I will reward your dusk with dawn

Set me free of my dark memories,
We shall both be free of my captive mind.
I will reward your dusk with dawn
Your murkiness speared with brightness

We shall both be free of my captive mind.
I will transform you into cherubs,
Your murkiness shall be speared with brightness.
What more do you want, my soul?