“Can I talk with someone else?

The hard planes of my jaw expand

“Sure you can.”

Never mind the pain centered in my tummy

Its thinly-veined tentacles stretching

to the far reaches of my body

Brain, mouth, the things that make me suitable to assist you in being lazy,

Waiting till the last minute, just great!

Oh I can’t do this on my own.

But never mind me. Just be nice. Just BE NICE. JUST BE NICE!

“Sorry then”, the sentient presence in my belly says

I have her in my control now

She’ll be my weapon and your destruction

Fight to be sweet she will, fight to be nice she shall

Win she shall not, 400 milligrams or not.

It’s my period to win

Slowly I shall break her down…

Gingerly, one handdsby one handds

When she lifts a tentacle, two more I shall add

 400 milligrams or not.

When she uses all her might

Happily shall I sit on my throne

400 milligrams or not.

Languish happily in my abode

Oh yes, I am king

At least for a few more nights.


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