The Marionette


Gratitude…The ties that bind

Its noose tight around your neck

Thank You…such a simple word

Its hold tight like a vise

Love you…the silence at the other end

Drip…Drip… The drip…drip echoing sadness

I…I love you. Don’t you love me back?

Child-like voices rearing their ugly heads

Don’t you love me back? A cacophony of words reverberating

“Now I’ve invested in you and you’re going to pay me back nicely, yes you are”

“But…” Unheard and unacknowledged

“Just do as I say!”


Slam! Railroaded! The train has been derailed

“Passengers please make sure your cuffs don’t chafe too badly. Oh well” Cavalier said

Silence. Alone. A willing victim of its own design

“If she doesn’t do as I say, off with her head!” the queen said

Dance poppet, Dance! The puppeteer said.


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