An Ode to my Bookshelf by Jelilat Adesiyan

Standing, no leaning,left and right

No one could ever say you weren’t purposeful

The staggering weight of my colourful delights anchoring you to the ground

The heavy companies of your heads,

You hold them up and they hold you grounded,

Red, orange, indigo, yellow, green, gold, brownfanciful colours nestled within your womb,

Holding them safely, dear like a mother

Your magnificence is astounding

They suckle at your breast, depending on you to hold them dear

If all mothers could hold such dear like you do,

Pisa-like you stand

Let’s not forget still standing,

Impossible, yet here you lean,

Holding the weights of a thousand hearts in your hands,

What shall I say, O wonderful mother,

Housing my dear children in unity,

Creaky though your shelves are,

Bended though your shelves are,

You still stand, perhaps forever

Oh, shall you stand when I’m gone?

Or shall you crumble while I stand?

I shall trust in your screws holding you together

Secretly standing, their groans hardly heard,

Safely and warmly shall my hearts stay in your abode.


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