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“Can I talk with someone else?

The hard planes of my jaw expand

“Sure you can.”

Never mind the pain centered in my tummy

Its thinly-veined tentacles stretching

to the far reaches of my body

Brain, mouth, the things that make me suitable to assist you in being lazy,

Waiting till the last minute, just great!

Oh I can’t do this on my own.

But never mind me. Just be nice. Just BE NICE. JUST BE NICE!

“Sorry then”, the sentient presence in my belly says

I have her in my control now

She’ll be my weapon and your destruction

Fight to be sweet she will, fight to be nice she shall

Win she shall not, 400 milligrams or not.

It’s my period to win

Slowly I shall break her down…

Gingerly, one handdsby one handds

When she lifts a tentacle, two more I shall add

 400 milligrams or not.

When she uses all her might

Happily shall I sit on my throne

400 milligrams or not.

Languish happily in my abode

Oh yes, I am king

At least for a few more nights.


The Marionette


Gratitude…The ties that bind

Its noose tight around your neck

Thank You…such a simple word

Its hold tight like a vise

Love you…the silence at the other end

Drip…Drip… The drip…drip echoing sadness

I…I love you. Don’t you love me back?

Child-like voices rearing their ugly heads

Don’t you love me back? A cacophony of words reverberating

“Now I’ve invested in you and you’re going to pay me back nicely, yes you are”

“But…” Unheard and unacknowledged

“Just do as I say!”


Slam! Railroaded! The train has been derailed

“Passengers please make sure your cuffs don’t chafe too badly. Oh well” Cavalier said

Silence. Alone. A willing victim of its own design

“If she doesn’t do as I say, off with her head!” the queen said

Dance poppet, Dance! The puppeteer said.

An Ode to my Bookshelf by Jelilat Adesiyan

Standing, no leaning,left and right

No one could ever say you weren’t purposeful

The staggering weight of my colourful delights anchoring you to the ground

The heavy companies of your heads,

You hold them up and they hold you grounded,

Red, orange, indigo, yellow, green, gold, brownfanciful colours nestled within your womb,

Holding them safely, dear like a mother

Your magnificence is astounding

They suckle at your breast, depending on you to hold them dear

If all mothers could hold such dear like you do,

Pisa-like you stand

Let’s not forget still standing,

Impossible, yet here you lean,

Holding the weights of a thousand hearts in your hands,

What shall I say, O wonderful mother,

Housing my dear children in unity,

Creaky though your shelves are,

Bended though your shelves are,

You still stand, perhaps forever

Oh, shall you stand when I’m gone?

Or shall you crumble while I stand?

I shall trust in your screws holding you together

Secretly standing, their groans hardly heard,

Safely and warmly shall my hearts stay in your abode.

The Absence of Noise by Jelilat Adesiyan

Silence. The deep pervasive silence.

Hate. The quality that silence preserves.

Outcast. Circle of fingers pointing.

Shame. The feeling of a Victim. Not me.

Pride. It comes before a fall. Stand strong. Me.

Manipulation. The presence of it. Circling like sharks, beneath the sea, fins standing proudly.

SORROUNDING: – A group of people. Shame, fear, mistrust, anger, friendship.

Friendship: – United we stand. Divided we fall.

Outsider. Insider.

The Absence of silence.

The outcome

The Absence of noise.