Saga Series – Brian K. Vaughan – Artwork by Fiona Staples

Alana (female), Hazel (baby) and Marko (male)

This comic series is amazing. I have only read Chapter One (47 slides) and i’m a fan for life! So far, its about primarily about Hazel the baby in the image above and her mother and father’s fight to live in harmony with her. Alana (mother) and Marko (father) are very much in love. Unfortunately, they are fro different sides of the coin amidst a war. They have just had a baby and are trying to suvive. There is a snitch, a mystery map, galaxy war, robot kingdoms, human/unicorn specie, mages etc. If you like a burgeoning, probably, savior from the prophecy, true-lovesque plot, you’re in for a doozy of a series! Brian K. Vaughan is funny judging from the newsletter at the back of the comic and his story [duh-uh] and Fiona Staples (@fionastaples) is an amazing illustrator. The artwork is gorgeous and obviously well sorted. Look at that cover! Just beautiful and Staples put some of her handwriting artwork in there. Personal touches are a favourite of mine. The first chapter is currently free on Comixology. The next chapter is only 1.99 on Comixology. There are 17 comics of the series so far and I will be reading them. If you liked Chapter one and two, you could get the rest here. I’m off to la la land!


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