So I just wrote this really awesome post on my new idea; how it was a dream of mine to catalogue the origin of urban words and the inspiration behind it. Suddenly, my blog post disappeared and it didn’t show it as a backup. Oh man, this was a painful experience. It was all cute, fun, flirty and very inviting. Now all I have left of my enthusiasm is this dry husk of writing… I shall now have to put up a PDF version of my official proposal, which as you can imagine, is sort of droll.
The post I had earlier written had words like” even now as I am writing this word “twerking” there is still a red squiggly mark under it telling me that although it has been appended to the dictionary, it still hasn’t fully integrated” and things like “how did words like selfies and twerkingcome into being? What inspired it? Did someone just wake up much like I did the day I thought up the idea and say you know what? we all take pictures of ourselves, why don’t we name the concept selfies, as in self-potrait?”
I am a bit disheartened because I rarely want to blog but, I shall forge on. Don’t you want to know how words like twerking came into being, how it spread to other places? How your cousin just used a word you made up yesterday even though you told just one person? My website will be a way for people to make up words, lay claim to it, put up examples of its use and make up the meaning. Sounds cool, eh? I mean I know people say there is nothing new under the sun and that all ideas are repetitive, which is sorta true (Laying claim to that, I just thought of it, even though you though it up yesterday, see!), but laying claim to things are even cooler!
People will catalogue their words and how it spread by word of mouth, through their online buddies, or otherwise! Check out the official proposal. Memorandum PW


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